Instructions for Making Delicious Thai Green Tea

Thai Green Tea

Milk tea is one of the most popular drinks because of the harmony between the bitter taste of tea and the sweet and fatty taste of milk. Because of that love, let’s go to the kitchen with Mr. Pho to immediately make delicious and delicious Thai green tea at home!


  • Thai green tea filter bag 10 gr
  • Vegetable fat cream 20 ml (can be substituted with Whipping cream)
  • Condensed milk 20 ml
  • Pearl 20 gr (or fruit jelly)


1. Tea Brewing

Put 10g of Thai green tea bag in a cup and pour 80ml of boiling water into it. Wait a few minutes for the tea to melt and mix with the watercolor to create a beautiful tea color.

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2. Brew Thai Green Tea

After the tea is steeped, pour the tea into a large pot or glass, add 20ml of condensed milk, 20ml of vegetable fat, stir the mixture well and you’re done. In addition, you can customize the amount of condensed milk and cream according to your taste!

3. Finished Product

Thai green tea with the cool, slightly acrid taste of green Thai blends with the fatty sweetness of milk. Milk tea will be even more delicious when enjoyed with jellies such as pearls or fruit jellies!