How to Make Nutritional Cool Waterproof Surface

watermelon smoothies

When it comes to watermelon, people often think of watermelon juice, but have you tried changing the taste with how to make watermelon smoothie? This drink not only retains the sweet, cool, delicious and eye-catching red color of watermelon, but also adds fresh milk to provide nutrition and energy for the body.


  • 100g peeled watermelon
  • 40ml fresh milk
  • 30ml condensed milk
  • 10ml sugar water
  • Ice
  • Tools: blender, knife, stirring spoon, glass…


  • Step 1: After buying watermelon, you wash the outer skin, peel and cut 100gr of fruit, cut into small pieces for easy grinding. Then, use a sharp mosquito knife to remove all the watermelon seeds.
  • Step 2: In this step we will talk about how to make a watermelon smoothie. You put watermelon, fresh milk, condensed milk, sugar water, ice cubes into the blender, press the button to turn ingredients and then switch to press the grind button until the ingredients are smooth. Blending time usually ranges from 25-30 seconds depending on the type of fruit. You can observe that the smoothie has a smooth consistency, so you can flexibly turn off the blender. If you do not like raw milk, then you can follow the way to make condensed milk watermelon smoothie. You prepare the same ingredients as above but omit the raw milk ingredients, increase the amount of condensed milk to 40ml, sugar water to 20ml! In particular, we share with you tips on how to make a cool watermelon smoothie without ice. After cutting the watermelon into small pieces, removing the seeds, you put it in the freezer compartment to freeze. Then use this watermelon to make smoothies.
  • Step 3: Pour the finished watermelon smoothie into a tall glass, garnish with triangular slices of melon and mint leaves for a beautiful look and enjoy!

Finished Product Requirements

Watermelon smoothie is delicious when it has a beautiful red color, reaches the consistency, the ingredients are finely pureed, not crushed. When enjoying, you feel the cool watermelon taste, sweet but not harsh, adding strange fatty milk.