How to Make Delicious Spring Rolls Vermicelli

Spring Rolls Vermicelli


  • Weigh a piece of meat weighing about 300 grams
  • Choose 200g fresh shrimp, firm meat
  • Taro, just one medium-sized tuber is enough
  • Add vermicelli and also dried cat ear mushrooms, each will need 100g
  • Get enough fresh vermicelli
  • Pancakes or rice paper rolls will need 1 small bag
  • Ready some peanuts, already roasted in the store
  • Sweet and sour fish sauce will need to estimate the types of ingredients:
    • Fresh lemon about 1 fruit
    • Red ripe red chili takes about 2 fruits
    • Garlic, prepare 1 bulb
    • Carrots take half a tuber is a loaf
    • Sugar and fish sauce need 2 tbsp
    • Half a bowl of hot water
  • Some vegetables are often used with spring rolls such as lettuce, bean sprouts, cucumber, herbs
  • The seasoning seasoning will have white sugar, salt, seasoning seeds, vegetable oil and even finely ground pepper


Step 1: Bring All the Ingredients to Preliminarily

The first step of making super delicious spring rolls that Mr Pho recommends is definitely prepping the ingredients to make the perfect dish:

– Purchased lean meat needs to be washed with water to clean, if you are more careful, you can rub it with a little salt to deodorize and then wash the meat one more time, then cut it into small pieces, and then put the whole sliced meat into the machine. grind until smooth.

– Need to bring shrimp to wash and then peel, remove the shrimp head and slit the back to pull the black thread out. Shrimps that have been cleaned will be diced with a knife.

– Use a paring knife to peel off the outer skin of the taro, then wash it with clean water, then use a slicing tool to shave the potatoes into long thin strands. If you don’t have a tool, you can also use a knife to cut it.

– Put vermicelli and mushrooms in two separate bowls filled with water. Soak them both to expand and soften, then remove. The vermicelli can be put on a basket to dry, then use scissors to cut the vermicelli shorter so that it is not tough, and the black fungus needs to be cut off the hard end, rinsed with water to clean, and then cut into long thin strips.

– For purple onions, peel off the outer withered skin and cut the roots, use a knife to crush them and then mince them.

– To prevent the vermicelli from being too dry or to be on the safer side, blanch the noodles in boiling water. Quickly take out the vermicelli and put it in the basket to dry.

– Vegetables are also picked and washed thoroughly, soaked in salt water to reduce toxic substances and then picked up to dry.

Step 2: Proceed to Mix Well and Marinate the Mixture of Ingredients

– Prepare a large bowl, put all the ingredients that have been prepared, including minced meat, sliced shrimp, vermicelli with black fungus and taro, add minced purple onion.

– Next to the method of making spring rolls, add seasonings such as salt, granulated sugar, seasoning and a little ground pepper. At this point, you can use chopsticks or wear a pair of specialized gloves and proceed to mix until the mixture is really mixed.

– It is necessary to marinate for the seasoning to be evenly absorbed for about 15 minutes before rolling the rolls.

Step 3: Wrap Each Roll of Shrimp and Pork Spring Rolls

You put on a clean flat surface a piece of rice paper, then scoop out a sufficient amount of filling to absorb the flavor on top, fold the left and right edges and roll a circle evenly. Do not forget to apply a little cooking oil near the bottom of the cake to help prevent the cake from bursting when frying.

You just wrap each spring roll in turn and put it on a flat plate until you run out of filling, then start frying.

Step 4: Fry Spring Rolls in a Pan Filled With Oil

– Pour a sufficient amount of cooking oil to fry the patties in a relatively large pan. Turn on the heat to high, cook until the oil is boiling, then adjust the heat to low and then drop each spring roll in. The number of spring rolls added is only relative, if you fry the spring rolls too thick, it will be difficult to control the doneness and there is not enough space for the spring rolls to cook evenly.

– You keep frying it from time to time, when you see that the rolls are golden and crispy, you can take them out and put them on a plate lined with greaseproof paper.

Step 5: Prepare Sweet and Sour Fish Sauce for Spring Rolls

A delicious bowl of spring roll vermicelli is of course indispensable for a cup of divine sweet and sour fish sauce, with just a few simple steps as follows:

– Put in a medium bowl the amount of lemon juice that has been squeezed, chili and garlic after cleaning, finely minced, are also added. Adding seasonings including granulated sugar and fish sauce was estimated. Next is half a cup of warm water. Use a spoon to stir the seasonings until they are evenly mixed.

– Don’t forget to peel the carrots, wash them with clean water, and then grate the long thin fibers to mix with fish sauce.

Step 6: Present and Enjoy

– Put vermicelli in a bowl, put on vegetables and cut spring rolls, sprinkle on the surface a little roasted peanuts, sprinkle with sweet and sour fish sauce, the taste is delicious already.

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