Instructions for Making Avocado Smoothie

Avocado Smoothie

Avocado smoothie is a popular cooling drink because it is not only delicious and beautiful but also rich in nutrients. Mr Pho will reveal how to make a delicious avocado smoothie so that the fat of the butter blends with the sweetness of milk and the coolness of shaved ice to create a special flavor that anyone who enjoys will love it.


  • Ripe avocado: 1 fruit
  • Condensed milk: 40ml
  • Fresh milk: 20ml
  • Sand sugar: 20g
  • Grinded ice
  • Tools: blender, knife, cutting board…

How To Get Avocado “Meat”

When taking avocado meat, many people often use a spoon to scrape the skin, making the avocado smoothie bitter. Therefore, you should get avocado meat in the following way:

First, you cut the avocado in half, then use a knife to separate the avocado seeds.

Next, you cut the avocado into small pieces, using your hands or a knife to peel the avocado gently. So you have got the full green and yellow avocado flesh inside quickly.

Try to get as much flesh as possible, as this is where the most nutrients are stored. On the contrary, in the part of the avocado that is in direct contact with the seed, there is a thin film, you should use a knife to peel it off. Otherwise, the finished smoothie will be bitter and become difficult to drink.

Blend Avocado Smoothie

Before making the avocado smoothie, you can sprinkle some granulated sugar or sugar water in the butter, let it sit for about 30 minutes. This makes the avocado smoothie more flavorful.

In the next step, you put 150g of avocado meat into a blender along with 20g of granulated sugar (if the butter has been marinated with sugar before, you don’t need to add more), 20ml of fresh milk, 40ml of condensed milk and shaved ice and then puree it.

When the ingredients have been mixed together, forming a smooth mixture, then stop the blender from working.

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Finally, pour the avocado smoothie into a glass and garnish with some chopped avocado meat and a mint sprig on top for an attractive look.

Effects of Avocado Smoothie

  • Not only has the ability to effectively dissipate heat, avocado smoothie also contains many vitamins A, D, E which are beneficial for women’s beauty care.
  • In 100g avocado has about 10% vitamin E, 17% vitamin C, 14% vitamin B5, 13% vitamin B6, 26% vitamin K and 20% folate.
  • Avocado smoothie helps control good cholesterol levels, to protect the heart and blood pressure system in the body.
  • Avocado smoothie rich in protein and fiber is suitable for people who are on a weight loss diet. When drinking avocado smoothies, you will feel fuller for longer, limiting frequent cravings.