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Flavorful Grilled Chicken Noodle Bowl Recipe

Grilled chicken vermicelli

Introduction: The Grilled Chicken Noodle Bowl is a delicious and healthy dish that brings together the vibrant flavors of grilled chicken, fresh vegetables, and flavorful noodles. This recipe is not only satisfying but also easy to prepare, making it a perfect choice for a quick and tasty meal. Let’s dive into the steps to create […]

Grilled Beef Noodle Bowl: A Flavorful Vietnamese Delight

Grilled Beef Noodles Bowl

Introduction: Embark on a culinary journey to Vietnam with our recipe for Grilled Beef Noodle Bowl. This delectable dish combines the succulent flavors of marinated grilled beef with the freshness of herbs, vegetables, and rice noodles. Known as “Bun Bo Nuong” in Vietnamese, this dish offers a delightful balance of tastes and textures that will […]

Grilled Shrimp Noodle Bowl Recipe

Grilled Shrimp Noodle Bowl

Indulge in the delightful flavors of this Grilled Shrimp Noodle Bowl, a balanced and nutritious dish that combines succulent grilled shrimp with fresh vegetables and flavorful noodles. Perfect for a light and satisfying meal, this recipe is a delightful blend of textures and tastes. Let’s dive into how to create this delicious bowl: Ingredients: 1 […]

The Secret to Making Grilled Chicken Noodle With Lemongrass in 30 Minutes

Grilled chicken vermicelli

Ingredients: A) Marinated Chicken and Spices: 800-900 grams chicken thigh or breast fillet (skin and bones removed) 1 tablespoon fish sauce 30-40 protein (if fish sauce has higher protein, reduce it). 1 tablespoon oyster sauce. 1 tablespoon colored water/or soy sauce (soy sauce) for a nice color. 1 tablespoon fried onion oil (makes the meat […]

How to Make Delicious Grilled Pork Vermicelli

Grilled pork shrimp vermicelli

Ingredients: 300g lean shoulder meat, meat with a bit of fat when grilled will not dry 200g shrimp with shell on 2 teaspoons of honey Few minced lemongrass Salt, pepper, sugar, seasoning powder Fish sauce, lemon, garlic, chili Lettuce and carrots Peanut. Instructions: Step 1: Lean meat is washed, drained, cut into bite-sized pieces, marinated […]

How to Make Delicious Grilled Shrimp Vermicelli

Grilled Shrimp Vermicelli

Ingredients: Fresh shrimp 0.5kg vermicelli noodles Peanuts, green onions Fish sauce, vinegar, lemon, chili, chili satay Carrot, white radish, raw vegetables, bean sprouts, cucumber, Siamese coconut water Seasoning: salt, pepper, sugar, monosodium glutamate, minced garlic Cooking oil Instructions: Shrimp washed, marinated in minced garlic shrimp, salt, pepper, chili pepper. White radish, thinly grated carrot, soaked […]

How to Make BBQ Beef

BBQ Beef

Ingredients: 300 gr beef. (If you want to eat tenderloin, choose tenderloin, but if you want a bit chewy and crispy, choose shoulder) 1 onion (this ingredient will taste better if you have it, but if you don’t like it, you may not need to add it) Sesame 1 teaspoon sesame oil 2 tablespoons cooking […]

Instructions for Making Delicious Grilled Chicken Vermicelli

Grilled chicken vermicelli

Referring to grilled pork vermicelli, we often think of white vermicelli noodles served with grilled pork and sweet and sour-sweet and sour sauce with an attractive aroma. Still the same flavor harmony, but today let’s try a little variation with grilled chicken vermicelli to innovate for this familiar dish! Ingredients: 1. Noodle Part: 1 piece […]